From its three offices within the UK, DPA Marketing delivers targeted lead generation and appointment setting for growing and established businesses in the UK and beyond.

Established over 20 years ago, we have the skill and experience to help deliver the right results for your business-to-business campaign.

All of our staff are salaried rather than commission based but are rewarded 'on a job well done' basis, thus they are very keen to make your campaign a success so that you will sign up with us again!

Our continued success is simply achieved through:

  • Being a specialist outbound business-to-business company
  • Having managers and partners who used to be call agents and call managers
  • Working closely with clients to ensure that your campaign has the right approach, flexible 'script', supervision, delivery, and reporting
  • Pricing very competitively and delivering UK based quality
  • Having three smaller offices rather than a huge call centre, means ALL clients are important to us: so ALL of our results have to be good to keep them happy
  • Employing professional staff who engage in targeted, yet unscripted conversations with the right target contacts, with tremendous success

We look to provide a quality service every time.

Most of our staff have been with us over 5 years and well experienced and are fully briefed on every campaign they undertake, and because they are very experienced, they are well paid and fully motivated. We do incentivise them as well, ensuring that they always remain focused.

Finally, all our clients receive a free data cleansing service. As we go through your lists whilst calling, we will update and alter contact details as required. This ensures the leads and data you get back, are current and up to date. It also allows you to use the database for other things like direct marketing or e-mail campaigns.

This combination of professionalism and experience leads to higher than average conversion rates, rates that many of our competitors couldn't compete with, and that's why satisfied clients keep using our services.

By outsourcing telemarketing to a specialist company, you benefit from high quality leads and appointments for your sales team, without having to spend time sourcing and calling lists of prospects. You are also freed from the time consuming process of call backs and follow up required to keep prospects interested in longer term sales. By having specialists working specifically on telemarketing, and managing the process effectively, you can rest assured that even while you are busy making sales, existing customers and warm prospects aren't being forgotten about.


  • 1. We carry out an initial meeting with you, either over the phone or in person, (covering the whole of the UK 90% of our clients prefer to do this over the phone rather than come to visit us or one of our offices) spending time to find out about your products, services, key customers, ideal market and unique selling points. We then help you put an approach together and if need be can help supply your data, or we can use our own data as required.
  • 2. Each day we make calls into your target market and each week call the number of days you have purchased. When we make an appointment we can either email it to you directly or simply send you an appropriate appointment sheet at the end of each day. Unless specified otherwise we employ a 2 or 3 call pass system ensuring we use the whole of your database rather than getting bogged down on hundreds of call backs to the same company at the top of the list. At the end of each day we provide a full list of the results achieved and the appointments, and warm prospects identified during that days calling.
  • 3. All data collected is yours to retain and use as you want.

In summary:

We provide a comprehensive lead generation process allowing your sales team to concentrate on selling and converting rather than finding prospects and making calls.