In an ideal world, every sales appointment you attend would be with a client who is already interested in your product or service. You can then focus your time on converting these warm opportunities into sales, without having to spend your time trying to sell to cold, uninterested clients.

DPA marketing can help you fill your diary with appointments with interested, relevant, decision makers, maximising the use of your sales team. We have a very strict set of criteria that ensure that the person you will meet with;

We carry out an initial consultation either over the phone or in person and then work with you to identify and segment your ideal target market. We are chartered marketers and so have a great deal of practical skill in this area that we can use to ensure you are targeting the right market with the right sales message, using the right sales approach. We can then help you obtain targeted data for your campaign or we can use your existing contact list of database.

All databases are returned to you with the updated contact information within them.

Once you engage us we become a part of your team. We will record details of the level of interest, the key decision makers, and other relevant information that may help your campaign. We develop your list into a quality marketing database, noting down interested contacts, keep warms and contact again dates, making the follow up calls as required in order to secure as many appointments for you as possible.

All data and activity is reported to our clients on a daily basis or as required. When we make an appointment we can either phone this through or email it straight away, or send it over at the end of the days calling with the rest of the days data.

We operate as part of your company, calling as you rather than ‘on behalf of’. If you need us to send emails out, we will ask to be added to your domain so that all emails look as if they are coming directly from you.

All of our appointments are guaranteed, if you don’t meet the type of person you need to, and the appointment does not match our strict criteria, we will make another appointment for you within our own time.

Our skill is the approach we use to make our appointments rather than simply being experienced in any one-market sector. However having worked at this for nearly 20 years we actually have built up skills within specific industries that help us get past gate keepers etc. And having been established for so long we have probably worked for companies within your market sector somewhere within the uk already, making the whole process that little bit easier.

Outsourcing your appointment and leads generation needs to us allows you to focus your time on converting these warm opportunities into sales, without having to spend your time seeking people to call, spending time on the phone again and again until they are in and trying to sell to , non relevant uninterested contacts.

To take the first step towards making new appointments and sales, simply call us on 0800 458 8382 or send us an enquiry via our contact page.


Its exactly the same as appointment making, except that we don’t book the client directly into your appointment book.

At the end of the day you receive a list of people who are interested in making an appointment or who are very serious about learning more about costs and exact services from you.

You then simply call these hot prospects and book them into your diary as required.

Need a bit more help?

We can also help you locate your target market, and work out the best way to engage with them<./p>

For more information on how our lead generation services would work for your business, simply complete our contact form, or call us on 0845 468 0880, to talk to one of our representatives.