DPA Marketing is perhaps one of the largest suppliers of trade telemarketing in the UK. We provide telemarketing services for a wide selection of trade clients.

These include;

We provide a full ‘white label’ service where your client remains your client at all times and we provide telemarketing services on your behalf, for you and as you.

You will have access to our ‘trade rates’ which allow you plenty of scope to add a decent mark up whilst still allowing you to be very competitive in the marketplace for the services that we offer.

We are well aware of the importance of your brand and do everything we can to protect it.

To find out how we can help you provide services to your client, contact us now on 0800 458 8382 or send an enquiry via the contact form on the right.


DPA Marketing provides a virtually unique introducer scheme to anyone who is able to introduce work to us throughout the UK.

We give introducers a standard 20% of day rate value, for ‘every day’ of telemarketing introduced to us, for the ‘lifetime’ of the introduced client, i.e For however long the client continues to do work with us. The client may only have a few days with us, or have many days spread over a number of years. It’s all the same to us. You the introducer get paid for every single day the introduced client is with us. Not only that, but our payment policy guarantees that you get paid as the work starts.

Many introducers are now earning a substantial second revenue stream from us.

Introducers come from many walks of life and business sectors.

In fact anyone who meets up with companies that may have a need for telemarketing or new sales development.

To find out how becoming an introducer may benefit you. Call us now on 0800 458 8382 or send an enquiry via our contact form.